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"What you allow is what will continue." Sadly but often true...

The Narcissist is always happiest when he/she can keep you upset and surrounded by chaos. After you leave, the best thing you can do is live your life happily. They envy that you can actually move forward while they can't without a new supply.

Why do we feel happier in the sun?Because the suns vital light empowers our spirits to grow,it is the life force for all beings.

17 Reasons To Avoid Stress #infographic

Most of us experience stress of some degree in our day to day lives and a big part of managing stress is exercise and nutrition. Digesting processed and sugary foods on a regular basis just loads extra stress onto our bodies so try to think about nourishing your body and giving it the tools to manage stress.

Inspiring #quotes and #affirmations by Calm Down Now an empowering mobile app…

Plant Based Diet - is it safe to be Vegetarian?

Inspirational Quote about Life, Addiction and Recovery: Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Story – It Will Inspire Others Do you have an inspiring or funny story to tell?