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Niall and his mom over the years! The first ones super awkward, then it's like the 'I'm too cool to take a picture with my mom' phase, then he's clinging on her cause he's been away so much for the tour, and the last one shes clinging onto him cause he's grown up so much ARGH THE TEARS ARE REAL

@Niall Horan @Niall Horan @Niall Horan @Niall Horan I don't know if I tagged the real Niall Horan but if I did, you are cute with or without crooked teeth. :)

If I ever dated Niall I'd make him wear sweaters freaking all the time. 80 degrees? Too bad you're wearing a sweater << bahaha! THAT IS SO MEAN! <<< no because in the summer he wears tank tops and that looks hot too