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Via delle Oche にあるエノテカ、コクイナリウスにて。二人からオーダー出来る前菜の盛り合わせ。これが結構侮れないっ!それぞれ1品ずつ、どれも味も良くて気の利いた味の組み合わせでした。薄切りのラードをのせたジャガイモのフラン、カプリーノチーズをのせたズッキーニのオーブン焼き、鴨のパテのイチゴジャム添え、カプリーノチーズとルッコラのブレザオラ包み等。これに追加で、クロストーネ(具をのせたパン)も注文しました。

This marshmallow chocolate fondant recipe uses ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry, and we bet it's one of the yummiest fondant recipes you'll ever taste.

Milkshakes. They really do bring all the boys to the yard. We’ve gathered the following tips for constructing your own epic sip at home.

Onigirazu also known as a sushi sandwich is a great way to enjoy your sushi on the go. Our version has a vegan filling of katsu tofu and sweet potato.

Oven Baked Loaded Garlic French Fries tossed in slightly warmed chopped garlic, olive oil and kosher salt, just like you enjoy at the ball game!

Summer waffles 4 ways - 4 simple and delicious waffle toppings for your waffle breakfast. All made with clean, healthy, and yummy ingredients

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