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Mob Museum Artifact | Flickr - Mob Museum Artifact A false-bottom Abercrombie & Fitch valise used to smuggle booze during prohibition. On display in the “Dry! The Impact of Prohibition” gallery of The Mob Museum, it is an example of how The Museum provides an insider’s look at the events and people on both sides of the continuing battle between organized crime and law enforcement. Visitors are put in the middle of the action through high-tech theater presentations, iconic one-of-a-kind…

Tony Spilotro was born May 19, 1938 in Chicago, Illinois. His parents ran a restaurant that became a hangout for local mobsters. Tony became a "made" man in 1963 and would be sent to act as the mob representative in Las Vegas in 1971. His continued involvement in criminal activity would lead to him being blacklisted from casinos, making it difficult to enforce his position. Spilotro was brutally beaten and murdered by mob members on June 23, 1986.

Rita Gigante: How I forgave my mafia boss father

AS a child Rita Gigante had no idea her dad was running the mob. Here she reveals the violence she witnessed and how it felt to finally discover.

Tony Trombino and Tony Brancato were well known to law enforcement agents as "shake-down" artists and mob muscle men. They were found shot to death in a 1949 Oldsmobile on North Ogden Drive. The two Tony's had been named as suspects in the attempted hit on Micky Cohen outside Sherry's on the Sunset Strip. Brancato had been arrested as a suspect in the killing of Bugsy Siegel but was released. The murder of the "Two Tony's" was finally solved in 1978 when Mob hitman, Jimmy the Weasel…

U.S. 1931: Mobster Salvatore Maranzano conspires with Masseria's top soldier, Charles "Lucky" Luciano (pictured above) to assassinate Masseria and end the mob war. Maranzano then emerges as the "Boss of Bosses," the most powerful Mafia leader. He restructures organized crime in New York, setting up five separate criminal groups.

8 Of The Most Intense Historical Rivalries

Al Capone vs. Bugs Moran - The Italian boss against the Irish boss in 20th century Chicago - these guys ran things, but were at each others’ throats the entire time. Robbery, arson, murder, they didn’t really have moral compasses. In the end, Capone served some time and was never able to build his criminal empire back up, and Moran died in jail while serving time for a bank robbery. That one sort of fizzled out.