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Pocket Bunny Mist - Sleek Mist

Overview Enjoy an instant spritz of hydrating face mist made with mineral-rich Celtic water from Vosges du Nord France. This mist is enriched with nutrients tha

Ce soir c'est régime pureté pour notre peau. Le Soin Purifiant absorbe les impuretés et resserre les pores. Concentré en chlorophylle vitamines et minéraux il détoxifie l'épiderme et réveille léclat du teinttout en laissant la peau douce sans sensation de tiraillements. Vous voulez le même menu? Lien dans la bio. Tonight on the menu purity for our skin. Le Soin Purifiant an exclusive cocktail of birch sap which is rich in tannins and acts to purify and soothe skin irritations. Want the…

Blender Pots du Creme

Now with a vegan option! An easy and impressive dessert that you make in a blender. It's perfect for dinner parties if you make it in the morning or the evening before. It's rich, so a small serving goes a long way. I make mine with cardamom, but you can use other spices or extracts.

A reckless beer style Keller Pils from Trou du diable 600 mls 5% alc./vol. The Pitoune Pils offers an intense aroma of grain and hops, topped with a rich, thick cream. The palate is both fresh and crisp, and the bitterness comes through with each sip for a refreshing experience.Damn fine light summer beer. Really enjoying this brewery

Pumpkin soup with Chantilly and onion confit (velouté au potimarron avec du Chantilly et les oignons confits)

Pumpkin soup with Chantilly and onion confit (velouté au potimarron avec du Chantilly et les oignons confits) | Onion soup is pretty much a staple on every French alpine menu. But, listed just underneath, a pumpkin soup sneaks in more often than not and I was fortunate enough to be served an exemplary version at the little bed and breakfast I stayed at in the Savoie region after a long day on the slopes. Unlike the dark, golden brown-hued onion soup, its pumpkin counterpart is altogether…

Murray's Cavemaster Reserve Hudson Flower | Our riff on Corsican classic, Fleur du Maquis. Young wheels of decadent sheep's milk cheese from nearby Old Chatham get a fresh fall coat in a secret blend of rosemary, lemon thyme, marjoram, elderberries and hop flowers. The bright herbs impart robust piney and floral aromas to welcome the season and make for an unforgettable flavor when combined with the rich, milky cheese-in-the-making. | Murray's Cheese

The penelope

Our Penelope armchair, with its high, tufted back makes it one comfy place to take the weight off your feet and its smart, turned legs are a lovely traditional feature. Penelope would work brilliantly as an accent chair to offset larger items around the living room or, alternatively, would sit very pretty in the corner of the bedroom. The Penelope armchair is shown in magenta and teal velvet fabrics, but can be made bespoke in any fabric that you'd like.

This $12.5 Million McLean Mansion Has a Ballroom and an Indoor Basketball Court

This $12.5 million McLean mansion has a ballroom and an indoor basketball court | Luxury Homes | Washingtonian


Ring. V & A Museum. England, Britain (made). 800-900 (made). Gold, granulation, filigree. In contrast to the rich garnet-set jewellery of the earlier Anglo-Saxon period, finger rings of the ninth century are rarely adorned with precious stones. The skills of the goldsmith are seen in this example, where the different techniques of filigree and granulation are combined to produce an elaborately decorated ring.