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wow,cool ,i like to the this anime too,Kaneki Ken is so cool,by chance ,i find a website which is selling his origianl mask,if you like ,you can go to have a look at on fanrek!

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Tokyo Ghoul || Ken Kaneki:

Sebasntian Michaelis , Eren Jeager and Kaneki Ken I SEBASTIAN SO MUCH CAUSE HE IS SUCH A SEXY DEMON BUTLER!!!!!!!!!

Kaneki Ken | Toukyou Kushu. My god that ending. Can't wait for tomorrow when Touka, Yomo and Sasaki finally meet. I kinda hope that Ayato and Touka / the two rabbits go and confront Sasaki and try and find out what exactly is going on.

Kaneki: *adjusts voice to sexy and low tone* "I'm getting bad again *fangirls screaming in the background* but I'm too care" DUN DUN DUUUN *Kaneki does hair flip* Tsukiyama: Ah! Moi bien! Fabuloso!