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tbhermione: “july 22 • 20:03 • maths ➗ I’ve pretty much only been posting maths pictures but it’s really all I’ve been doing! Today I finished re-writing the first sub-unit so I got started on the index at the front. Exam-ridden me in May 2016 is...

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (Retina Display). It's not leather, but shouldn't it be? My current computer got me through my undergraduate work, but I don't think it's got the gusto to get me through my graduate work. If, and only if, you have a spare MacBook lying around, perhaps you could show me how well it fits in the bag!

This actually happened to me. We were supposed to bring in a book for English but we got the notice during school just before the lesson and couldn't go home and get one

RUN-DMC - Walk This Way (1986) I love this track. This was a turning point in music, reinventing Aerosmith after some pretty hard times and introducing Hip Hop and Run D.M.C into the mainstream. This track reached across genres and still does. May not be the most inspiring video of all time but its an amazing track. This track brought Aerosmith into the mainstream in the mid 70's and got them out of a hole in the 80's. and still sound great today. Timeless.

Hey guys!! Today on my blog I've got swatches of the new #Seinfeld inspired collection from @aliquidlacquer, called the Summer of George Collection!! 😂 I LOVE Seinfeld so I am totally in love with this collection - but it's perfect for anyone, even if you haven't seen the show! Here's my swatch of Yada Yada Yada, a pale neon orange packed with neon pink glitters ☀️ You can check out my full review on! Does anyone else here love Seinfeld?!

Enlarge It! Reduce it! (Fandom In Stitches)

Happy Saturday everyone! We've got a bonus post for you today to help with one of the most persistent questions we receive here at Fandom In Stitches: How do I resize a pattern? The easiest way to ENL

Teacher Takeover! Masking fluid + watercolor florals 🌸🌿 ▶️ Hi everyone, nikki @nikkiornopia here! I’m so excited I got asked to be a teacher again for the surelysimple alphabet challenge. Lettering has become a huge passion in my life, and I love this community where I can share it with all of you. I love creating wreaths and using watercolor. I have been practicing a lot of botanicals and loose leaf floral work lately, which is what I selected to do today. In this video I used: white…

@Regrann from @secretjewelgarden - Happy happy happy birthday to my sweetest dearest most precious friend @therapywithnailpolish Wishing you the most wonderful birthday and the most wonderful day today! I got these lovely ladies together to create a dark holo collage for our Stefi! Doesn't the collage look amazing! Hope you like our surprise Stefi! It's always so hard keeping something exciting like this from you! Check out the tag #happybdaydearstefi to see all the wonderful manis…