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Every Road Trip Ever

The summer means travel; memes make the laughter flow when you're stuck in the car on a road trip with the family. Vacations! Travel! It will be Fun!

That Is What I Call Bending The Rules

Welcome to my studyblr! I'm 21 years old and a recent graduate with a passion for studying. I hope my blog brings you endless motivation to study. * Click here for my free printables for studying! *

I’m Not Ready For That Kind Of Commitment

Ok the other hand, brushing my teeth every night right after dinner cuts out any snacking, dessert and drink variation possibilities! You wanna have to brush again? Better stick to water.

I Saw Nothing If You Saw Nothing Either

If you could stop reposting old features, that'd be great... I saw one of these when I was in costa rica. It's called a bush master. 8 fangs, emough venom in one bite...

Toilet Paper Origami

24 Random Pictures for Today - Dummies of the Year shares the funniest pictures, cutest animals, and most popular videos every single day!