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This is one of my favourite illustration pieces that I came across in the theme of water. I especially love the soft elements that combine to create a very dramatic and interesting image. I feel that the level of water filling the drawing up cuts this image up slightly so that it is not too plain. I also am very fond of the composition that has been used in this design as it is all very much tied in together and nothing seems to be out of place, for example, the whale seems to merge in well.

I smile ... I think ... I`m happy I dare to smile baby :) I love you darling & I want to kiss you honey actually I want everything but pretending with this modesty thing ,I love you girl

I would trust her with all my heart And would Let her trust me as well, I Respect Serious love and I take things seriously, She is cute to me in every way. I hate it that I have to Express these words But I have no choice she is away from me. And I am alone. I need To wait patiently. Like A lover should.

Learn to feel and read the energy of people, places and things, and trust it. Some call it intuition, some a vibe, others discernment. If it feels off, then we move on. But if we do find ourselves lingering, then ask, why are we ignoring our internal guidance? Why would we intentionally put ourselves and our well-being in any sort of harms way? What is the situation trying to reveal to us and what do we need to become aware of and accept, in order to choose some thing better? -ts

Sometimes it's really difficult being on the cusp of Cancer and Leo. In instances like this, I usually take after just one of the sign's attributes. In this one, I actually take after both...which makes me very hard to please....

Just got my mits on Scorpio! Was worried it'd be sold out before I finished work, but it was meant to be!! Can't wait for it to arrive <3