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Accuser...We project our shadow onto others when we are afraid of our own greatness, our own light, yet for every finger we point outward there are at least three coming back at us,..

John Batho, photo from his Present and Absent series of black and white pieces (Présents et Absents, c. 1990)

Oh So Lovely Vintage: How to get the look: Sixties eye makeup.

More magnificent photography

Fans can cheer for you too - but it's a collective experience. We don't perform just for ourselves. Music is powerful. We perform to connect.

This piece may not have been created to say this, but, even if not meant to, it's an accurate depiction of how men continue to shape the image of women- when taken at face value (excuse the pun).

An Iraqi girl in an orphanage - missing her mother, so she drew her and fell asleep inside her.

Ram Dass: "The Life Within" In the elderly, two sets of values operate simultaneously: the desire to stay active and to maintain a sense of self-worth in the eyes of others, and the desire to withdraw from social commitments to a more leisurely, contemplative life.