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Pomegranates are the Armenian symbol of life and tradition telling us that each mature pomegranate has 365 seeds, one for each day of the year. (Who is the Armenian counting those seeds, anyway?)

Հավերժության հայկական նշան. The symbol is also used by Armenian neopagan organizations and their followers. It is called by them "Arevakhach" (Արևախաչ, "sun cross").

Armenian female bracelet. Late-Ottoman, 19th century, from the region of Van. Gilded silver filigree, decorated star rosettes adorned with silver beads. (Armenian Museum of France, Paris).

Silver ‘gerdanlık’/kirdan choker necklace. Armenian, made in Van, before 1918. Armenian-Ottoman style, with a cross-like pendant (a Muslim jewel would feature a crescent). The three silver coins are Russian (with the imperial two-headed eagle); this suggests the short 1915-1918 period for the necklace’s production, when Van was occupied by the Russians (WW1). (Source of the picture: Betty, on ‘Ethnic Jewels’).