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I know some of you still have snow on the ground, but for us Floridians summer is already kicking into high gear. And summer means flip flo...

My hubby John and I made this fun penny desk for my office. The pennies are covered in bar top epoxy, and it isn't nearly as heavy as you might think. The process is a little tedious, but not overly difficult except for the wrapped edges, which you can always skip. Keep reading to see the step-by-step instructions. Also, this is my very first Instructable, so my apologies if I manage to mangle it horribly. ;) My original post regarding this desk can be found over on my blog Epbot. If you…

In summer, make yourself some flip flop hangers to keep your collection neat and tidy! http://www.epbot.com/2011/04/hows-it-hangin-flop-tutorial.html

Remove the cardboard bar on the bottom of a wire pant hanger, and reshape the ends with pliers to make hooks for flats and flip-flops. Slip your shoes on the newfangled rack and give yourself a pat on the back. This brilliant project was inspired by Jen Yates, of epbot.com. Click here for her full how-to tutorial — and tons of other smart and charming ideas.

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