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A Jalisco Figural Vessel, West Mexico circa 200 BC - 300 AD 9" H x 7" W x 6" D Sold for $550.00 Estimate $950.00 - $1,500.00 I Love It !!!

An example of metal carving in the art nouveau style. This elegant portable perfume bottle is embellished with the curvilinear silverwork and onyx inlay that was fashionable in France in the 19th Century

Clarice Cliff - Broth - A shape 400 rose bowl circa 1929/30 hand painted with abstract panel bursts and circles in orange, black and blue with orange banding, Fantasque mark, height 15cm.

Small gold figure of a running stag, attached to gold sheets perforated at the edges for attachment, possibly to a vessel wall. Oxus treasure Achaemenid 5th cent BC British Museum

British Museum - Highlight imageExplore highlights Hump-backed pottery Middle East Hump-backed pottery bull Amlash culture, early 1st millennium BC From the Marlik region, north-west Iran This vessel belongs to the Amlash culture of Gilan province in north-west Iran, one of the most distinctive Iranian cultures of the late second and early first millennia BC.