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El proceso de rehabilitación de un drogadicto es una totalidad en la que todos se esfuerzan recuperar la sobriedad perdida.

A relationship with a business partner that isn’t working out is a tough issue. Here are some ways that your business partner could be sabotaging you.

13 Incredibly Smart Tips To Be Happier From Mental Health Experts

3 tips from experts on how to be happier! #liveabalancedlife13 Incredibly Smart Tips To Be Happier From Mental Health Experts

How I Made My Best Friend During the Worst Tragedy of My Life

What single decision changed your life? Diane Penney, the 2016 Life Lessons contest winner, writes of a chance encounter during her darkest moment.

The 5-Minute 5-Year Plan: How to Map Your Dreams

The 5-Minute 5-Year Plan: how to map your dream from The House of Muses. Kickstart your goals and dreams with our roadmap

Demonstrate a good example yourself, delegate tasks appropriately, involve and empower others to act for themselves and invest their own ideas and feelings into the workings of the group. Expect the best from those around you, and express your belief in their potential and ability to succeed. Give them meaningful tasks to grow from, not just busy work. Help them to see how their participation and contribution counts to make a positive difference. "Be the change you want to see in the world."