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Hahaha! JRs are SO noisy. Mine sit at the gate all day yelling their little heads off. Thankfully we live in the middle of a field and so don't annoy anyone.

I have learned that my life is beautiful no matter what. I have an amazing family, and awesome friends. this life is special to me because it is mine and nobody elses. no body can tell me what to do and not do. I can make my own choices and live it the way I want. and I want it to be happy. that's what it's going to be. forever. ♡

I always used to be a skeptic of spirit guides -- I thought they were new age "fluff" that didn't mean anything in reality. That was until I had a spontaneous experience of my own. Now, my entire perspective has changed, and this is what I've learned ...

Oh dios mio!!!!!!!!! Esto es lo que quiero para mi cumpleaños... entre otras cosas. ; )

no son chinos son coreanos