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They actually stuffed the flowers and spices in there thinking that the smell of these items would prevent them from catching the disease..."Ring Around The Rosie" also refers to the black plaque. Pay attention to the words lol!

Anna Frank (1929-1945). Her famous diary chronicles the events of her life from June 1942 until 1944, during the II World War.

Helen Richey was Amelia Earhart's copilot on one flight across the Atlantic. She became the first woman hired to be a pilot by a commercial airline in the US. She was the first woman licensed as an aviation instructor. She was the first woman to fly a scheduled mail flight. During WWII she commanded a group of women pilots for the British Air Transport Auxiliary, flying bombs between factories and airbases. She died by suicide at age 38

Vintage Bayer children's aspirin bottle - pink and blue label, pink cap

Simplicity 5423 1970s Misses Smock Top Pants and Bikini Briefs Pattern Womens Vintage Sewing Pattern Size 16 Bust 38

Community Post: The exotic down and outs of Victorian London

Street Doctor - “vendors of pills, potions and quack nostrums". Notice that this man is disabled. Disabled people suffered greatly in this period and had little choice but to do this sort of work, as they were not employable due to their disabilities.