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Explore Sanguine, 1803 and more!

En 1803, Louis-Pierre Baltard réalise une série de dessins au Palais du Louvre : à la sanguine, il reproduit les ornements sculptés des façades et des plafonds. Cette série de dessins, achetée par le collectionneur Destailleurs est aujourd’hui conservée à la Bibliothèque nationale de France et numérisée sur Gallica. Curieuse, j’ai profité d’un samedi après-midi pour …

We will be shooting Feb-March 2015 for Freque Magazine Blood Blood Blood Edition. The images here are for concept and inspiration only. We want to be original, so take the ideas and run wild. Contact us to schedule a shoot. We will only be submitting TWO editorials to Freque for this edition. Female models only. Contact Craig / or find us on FB, or

How Living on Mars Could Challenge Colonists

How Living on Mars Could Challenge Colonists [by Space -- via #tipsographic]. More at

4 Nutrient Deficiencies Every High Blood Pressure Patient Needs To Know

Several nutrients are shown to play a key role in blood pressure regulation, yet can often be overlooked by your doctor or dietitian. Research shows that having sufficient levels of the following 4 nutrients is important for maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Similarly, if we are deficient in these nutrients, managing blood pressure becomes all the more difficult. See it at

Untitled ("a hairy tale"), Nina Khazani, Human hair, gold-plated brass and linen - Royal College of Art 2012 dregree show

After dinner..... Corpses thought to be vampires were generally described as having a healthier appearance than expected, plump and showing little or no signs of decomposition. In some cases, when suspected graves were opened, villagers even described the corpse as having fresh blood from a victim all over its face