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Directing woman as they have to be classy and looking they're best at all times. Most people only "show off" what they have when they're trying to impressive someone. When in this picture they're showing that it's imperative too look good at all times.

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The Fresh Exchange Blog is the design and lifestyle blog of Mike & Megan Gilger. You might find posts about trends, style, fashion, travel, design, interiors, food recipes, and health. We call Raleigh, North Carolina & Traverse City, Michigan, home.

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so so true :) be real. love others. don't feed into negativity. sometimes words don't even need to be said to see the true colors of a person. love them anyway!

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Or when people get on to me for not smiling - I mean if you walk up and see someone sitting at a desk smiling at nothing, wouldn't you immediately think "why are they here and not off being sectioned/committed somewhere?"