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Actually I'm the one falling asleep. Or having to see how this b rate movie ends, and wondering who this man I married is, and why he could be attracted to me and so many dumb movies. What does that say about me?!

... and to make it worse, the folks at Pinterest are beta testing a way to have candy pop out of your keyboard every time you pin something. If they figure out how to dispense chocolate ice cream, I will never leave my computer again.

Thats crazy, im literally stalling to get up & pee right now, pinterest has all of my attention & i don't have time for bathroom breaks!

I remember a time when I was so bored and lonely I would type in the search-word 'Butterfly' into google and see where it would take me. I still enjoy website-hopping, but it's nice to have massive amounts of information delivered to you also.

It's always polite to follow a board if you pin more than is this just me? Maybe. I don't really care. They were not mine in the first place!! They have all come from other people!!