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He offered it to me. Said it with passion hope and fear. Like it was his last option. But he couldn't do it without me. If I held him here the fire from within would distroy him, in time. He asked me to run away with him as his last hope. But the problem was. I wasn't him. I needed school. I needed the classes. I needed everything here. But he didn't he needed to go away. And I needed to stay. And he knew. So he would stay to. But it would destroy him we both knew that.

Let Us Guide You – Finding a Venue

Leave a good mark wherever you go. Smile at that random person on the sidewalk. It could make their day.

15 motivational quotes from Pinterest that will give you a kick up the arse

I have a habit of being lazy and making up excuses - need to be jolted back to reality with this quote sometimes!

#truth...Ladies, quit chasing around guys or try to make the guy you have "Mr. Right". If he is, great! You two are a few of the lucky ones. If he isn't, it's OK. Forcing each other into "Together Forever" for fear of never getting married or running out of time to marrying young will just lead you both to a life of resenting each other. The right one will come, God has his plan for everyone <3

Best Tear-Free Ways to Say Bye to Your Kids

It's tough to say bye to your kids -- but sometimes it's inevitable. Make it a tear-free event with these simple ideas that bring smiles instead of tears!

REPOST HE WANTS TO BE FAMOUS!! Repost if you care?!!.

What makes you smile? Ever sat down and made a list of what things there are to be happy about? Send us some of yours here and we’ll illustrate them. We currently add a new illustration every few hours to our Facebook page and to Instagram. Take a peek in the archive to see the first few hundred we illustrated, as well as some others from late 2013 and early 2014.