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Pink Layered Ruffles Bandage Cute Sweet Lolita Dress

This Pink Layered Ruffles Bandage Cute Sweet Lolita Dress is made by cotton and tailored to fit your style. Package includes a dress

33. This is my favourite photo because of the backdrop colour! I think this screams Tim Burton. I also like the lighting too. This is probably the way I will have my lighting.

Not sure I could get away with wearing something like this everyday, but I'd love to try! lol Love it!!! Floral One Waist Side Opened Lolita Dress

awesome dress - especially for more American-west inspired steampunk!Check out to create some beautiful custom perfume to match your quirky steampunk style!

Elpress L ~ Lolita Dress

I do want step sister's dress to be fancy because of her social status but don't want to veil Cinderella's clean simple dress so I decided to choose a toned down color but fancy shape

Layered Ruffles Skirt

Layered Ruffles Skirt - girl. Oh my word! ADORABLE! At least, for a little girl. Maybe with a different type of fabric and some other alterations an older girl could pull it off, though.

There's something about small double ruffles like the ones on this skirt that's really appealing. Also, I love Lolita-style coats.