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RIP John Hurt 01.22.1940 - 01.27.2017 who gave his voice to the dragon. “The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men.” The Great Dragon has fallen.

WWI British Propaganda Poster, featuring the portly "patriotic" British figure (the National personification of Britain; roughly equivalent to the American Uncle Sam) John Bull. He was depicted as everything that was seen as being (for the time) the best about Britain: a middle-aged fat, rich country squire, who said what he thought and never apologised. I'm not sure if some John Prescott-type would persuade me to throw down my life in a cold, wet trench, but times were different back then.

Just can't explain to people what losing you has been like - you loved Christmas so much - I know it will be hard, but I have memories of your joy at that time of y ear to help.

"And what shall we deduce about his heart?" Oh gee...I don't know Mycroft...maybe that your little brother, the one who YOU say is a machine and doesn't feel anything towards anyone...actually loves someone. Someone who he knows won't hurt him. Someone who keeps him sane. Someone who will gladly save his life if it means giving his own. That person is John Watson.

Oh. My. Gosh. I noticed that it affected her but everyone assumed it was that her family wasn't there...

"Still Held" -John Mark Green It’s hard to know how to comfort someone who has had a loved one die. Whatever we can say seems so inadequate, and our words can easily trivialize their suffering. Sometimes the best thing we can offer them is our presence - just be with them. This poem was written for a mother who had suffered the unspeakable pain of losing her child.

...Yet you shake my hand and watch me leave while you stay behind with the woman who murdered me... how is any of this ok? SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY!! || if this is what you think sherlock is thinking then you are missing some key elements.

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