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I think dating websites should allow you to leave a review after you've been on a date: "Strongly opposes deodorant" "He asked if we could split the McDonalds"

"Please don't leave me here alone I lost you once and I can't lose you again... Please I wish I was enough for him to stay... "

Someone from Greenwich, Connecticut, US posted a whisper, which reads "I need a makeout session so intense that I forget all of my problems and possibly my name too."

Lance Armstrong's Doping Scandal Has Second Film Racing Towards Production

Even before Lance Armstrong confessed to his wrongdoing in the doping scandal, his career was going to be the focus of a movie. Winning seven Tour de France titles, during and after battling testicular cancer and the ups and downs of a highly publicized relationship with musician Sheryl Crow, combined with doping rumors was already the broad outline for an engaging biopic. But then he copped to doping, and now there are two movies being made about him. Nobody ever said Hollywood hates a…

"Ever wish you could turn back time, make different choices and see how your life turns out differently? Sometimes I do. "