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The Jedi code. It sucks. << nonononooo It's amazing, mostly beacause it's true

How To Cake It with Yolanda Gampp BB-8 Star Wars Cake Droid Cake Chocolate Cake How To Make Italian Meringue Buttercream Fondant The Force Awakens

The only more appropriate way to cut this cake would have been to wrap cheese wire around its legs. All hail Star Wars!

It took me sooooo long to figure this out then I was all like.......am I this stupid? Then I questioned my entire life.

And then Spock runs in with a dying Katniss in his arms, Four and Sherlock following close behind. Katara and Elsa come in after them, both bruised and supporting each other. "Magneto attacked!" Spock cries. "We lost Star Fire and Oliver in the battle!" Then, just to spice things up, Ron Stoppable waltzes in eating nachos.

It is absolutely amazing that she echoed his words :) RebelCaptain | Jyn and Cassian | Star Wars | Rogue One tumblr

I made it to Rogue One today and met my favorite robot companion in the franchise who would totally disapprove of this impossible to knit sweater.

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