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Quarks are elementary particles and a fundamental constituent of matter. They combine to form composite particles called hadrons, the most stable of which are protons and neutrons, the components of atomic nuclei.

CERN, the world's pre-eminent particle physics laboratory, hosts the world's highest-energy particle accelerator. CERN was also one of the first scientific institutions to confirm that the Milgauss watch could indeed resist magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss. #RolexOfficial

Richard Feynman was an American physicist , best known for his contributions to quantum mechanics and particle physics and was a keen popularizer of physics through both books and lectures.

The Year in Science: Higgs boson leads 2012's list of breakthroughs

This schematic shows the pattern of subatomic particle tracks associated with a candidate event for the detection of the Higgs boson.