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Steve Jobs, russian quote about painters and work.

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But wait!! It was the Russians who were influencing the election

She only slobbers when She drools, .. .. .. ..Her Slurrrrrrring has stirred up some dribbbling democrats

THE WORLD'S FIRST STATE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION WAS FOUNDED IN POLAND IN 1773 ! The education of Polish society was a goal of rulers as early as the 12th century, and Poland soon became one of the most educated countries in Europe. The Jagiellonian University, founded in 1364 in Kraków, is one of Europe's oldest universities long before German or Russian! ▶ | ✍ 20160513,1400 <|² ☛ ۞ 6´ us

What is Obama thinking??? He kicks out Russians and welcomes in terrorists with the illegal aliens. He knows the terrorists are coming across the border with the illegal aliens...they told him they were coming!