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Here We Go Again: Students Prohibited From Passing Out Constitutions on Constitution Day

Penn State forced group to remove its Constitution Day table from a so-called “free speech zone.”

Jindal Suit Says Obama Forced Common Core on Louisiana

It turns out that Common Core’s creators might be demonstrating the same ethos Cuba Gooding’s character demonstrated in the film Jerry Maguire when he said, “Show me the money.” “An undercover journalist for a nonprofit...

Is the AP U.S. History Exam Changing Because of Common Core?

To score well on SATs and AP, students may soon have to follow Common Core.

Update: High School AP History Book Rewrites 2nd Amendment. High Schools complicit in attempting to condition students to interpret the @nd Amendment in a clearly opposite manner in which it was intended. The 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th are also misinterpreted as several commenters point out. Parents should check their child's history book. | Peace . Gold . Liberty

Teachers Hope to Erase Union Dues That Deny Free Speech

The largest teachers unions in the United States are spending millions on luxury hotels, limo services, and overseas trips, according to a new report. The investigation, conducted by The

Two More States Eye Repeal of Common Core

Educationnews Two More States Eye Repeal of Common Core Wish they would do this in PA but with Wolf in office our educational system will go down the tubes.

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