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Israel’s Weapons: A Crime on Humanity

Israel’s Weapons: A Crime on Humanity | Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Israel government 'tortures' children by keeping them in cages, human rights group says

An Israeli human rights organisation has accused the government of torturing Palestinian children after it emerged some were kept for months in outdoor cages during winter.

Five wealthiest Gulf Nations have not taken in a single Syrian refugee

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT The vast majority of more than four million Syrians who fled their war-torn home are housed in refugee camps in countries still at threat from terror groups. More

Olympics' most wanted: Terror police fear suspect hunted after Bulgarian bus bomb could be on his way to London 2012

In one of the most iconic photos taken during the Munich Summer Olympics in 1972, a member of the Palestinian terrorist group, Black September, looks down from a balcony inside the Olympic Village, where 11 members of the Israeli Team delegation had been taken hostage. Before the next day could begin, all eleven would be dead.

Meet Suzanne Weiss...

'Unforgivable' Japanese PM vows to save Islamic State hostages after video threat

islamic state...the richest terrorist group worth estimate, US$2billion. Can you imagine making net profit 2 to 4 million week??? unreal hhuh?? ISIL

Al-Qaeda disavows ISIS militants in Syria

Student choice #1. Terrorist group ISIS have been taking violent actions against fellow rebel groups as well as supporting civilians. Al-Queda has since made a statement saying that they are not associated.

We should relegate terrorists to the obscurity of their own infamy

We should relegate terrorists to the obscurity of their own infamy by Bernard-Henri Lévy - It is what Marshall McLuhan condemned at the height of the terror in Italy, when people were wondering whether it was appropriate to publish statements issued by the Red Brigades. The author of War & Peace in the Global Village was so thoroughly convinced the war would ultimately play out in the theatre of the media that he proposed a news blackout on the acts of armed groups – an overly radical…

Can psychology help solve long-running conflicts?

Can psychological theories about how to overcome prejudice and distrust between groups help the pursuit of peace?