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One of the most successful popularisers of maths, Ian Stewart, has released another convincing case for its appreciation. From Fibonacci to fractals, neurons to nebulae, The Mathematics of Life explores the hidden numbers behind our world.

9 march 2014 ~ NASA picture of the day ~ Explanation: What created this unusual hole in Mars? The hole was discovered by chance in 2011 on images of the dusty slopes of Mars' Pavonis Mons volcano taken by the HiRISE instrument aboard the robotic Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter currently circling Mars. The hole appears to be an opening to an underground cavern, partly illuminated on the image right.

When the old Greeks looked at the haven,they imagined that stars traced the outlines of all sorts of curious figures.So they grouped the stars into constellations and named them after the animals and gods they represented.Modern astronomers continue to use names for star groups.Here we see a portion of the sky as it looks on clear winter's night,with the outlines of the constellations filed in.You must imagine you are facing south and looking directly up over your head.

- via NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory's photo on Google+ - For more information on black holes, see the black hole field guide: