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"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman" - Virginia Woolf. #quote

Community Post: Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World

Scary statistic! "Women earn less than men in of all occupations." In other words, no matter what work force a woman decides to go into, it is almost certain that she will make less than what her male co-worker will make.

As Natalie Reed explains, the only principle we share is the belief that women are equal to men, “Just like skepticism and atheism, feminism is a HUGE tent, united by a very simple tenet and assumed value. Everything else is up for discussion”.

Community Post: Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World

Women own only 1%% of the world's land Disturbing Facts For Women Of The World The world is still not a fair place if you are a woman. Steampunk

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It's society who is ugly, not YOU! YOU are beautiful! You are PERFECT! YOU are BEAUTIFULLY AND WONDERFULLY made, hand made, by the CREATOR of the world who FORMED YOU AND KNOWS YOU AND LOVES YOU AND YOU ARE PERFECT! YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL.

25 Famous Quotes That Will Make You Even Prouder To Be A Feminist

This image portrays a feminism in a way in which a male is comfortable enough to express his feelings towards the topic. He is not afraid nor ashamed to dress like a women because he strongly believes that women are equally superior to men.