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A friend picked these up at a road side sale they were used and very rusty. A little imagination and electrolysis rust removal and I think they turned out pretty good.

Mermaid Ocean Sea Message in a Bottle Altered Altoids Tin Shadow Box

The Interior Art Collection- Nicotine Molecule, Framed Wall Art, 23x28cm

Caffeine Molecule by Artwork Enclosed (too bad they don't sell a smaller print to accompany our coffee maker)

Solar System Cross-stitch One of my side projects I've been working on is cross-stitching the entire solar system. So far I've completed Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto! Patterns are for sale on my Etsy shop:

I'm thinking about starting an Etsy business! This will come in handy!! The Complete Etsy Business Startup Guide (affiliate)

I LOVE this mud room idea: everything is hidden behind closed doors, everyone gets their own closet/drawers/cabinet. It needs a bench!!

Funny Coffee Mug Don't Speak - Almost There - Now You May Speak 10 oz

Reel table pirate/nautical style complete with rope core to make it look like a capstan. For sale or hire