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"Flowering Spurge, Flat-topped Spurge, Milk Purslane, Milkweed, Snake Milk, Tramp's Spurge, White-flowered Milkweed, Wild Hippo"

CLEMATIS VIRGINIANA | Virgin's Bower, Old Man's Beard From the Greek klema meaning "vine branch" and the Latin virginiana meaning "of Virginia". Blooms from May through August. White flowers with four shall petals and greenish-white sepals.The pistils develop long feathery tips that are quite showy after the petals drop.

ECHINACEA PALLIDA | Pale Purple Coneflower Echinacea from the Greek word for "sea urchin" or "hedgehog" referring to the spiny chaff at the center of these flowers. Pallida is from the latin word for "pale". Reaches 2 to 3'; leaves are mostly basal & elongated ovals up to 7" long. Single, pale purple flowers top a stem with a few stiff hairs and few leaves. Favors open prairies and dry open woods of the Tallgrass region; occasionally found along undisturbed roadsides. Blooms from May to…

ECHINACEA PURPUREA | Purple Coneflower Product Description "Purple Coneflower, Black Samson, Red Sunflower" Echinacea from the Greek word for "sea urchin" or "hedgehog" referring to the spiny chaff at the center of these flowers. Purpurea also from the Greek for the word meaning "purple". Favors open prairies and dry open woods of the Tallgrass region & blooms from May to Oct. Grows to 2 to 3' in height with purple flowers.

DESMODIUM ILLINOENSE | Illinoise Tick Trefoil Desmodium from the Greek for "long branch or chain" and canadense meaning "of Canada". Favors moist or mesic portions of the Tallgrass Prairie, flowers from June through September. generally reaches about three feet, but can grow much taller with favorable conditions. Flowers are pink to pale purple and have the typical pea-flower shape but are only about a half-inch long.

CEPHALANTHUS OCCIDENTALIS | Buttonbush Buttonbush, Common Buttonbush, Globeflowers, Honey-balls, Pond Dogwood, Swamp Sycamore From the Greek kephale meaning head and occidentalis meaning western or of the western hemisphere. Found in most of the northeastern and eastern US with varieties found through the Great basin and California and south through Texas. In the Tallgrass region, it favors the edges of ponds and swamps. Fragrant white flowers show from July through August

GALIUM BOREALE | Northern Bed Straw The tiny white flowers of this perennial form dozens of dense clusters about half an inch wide. The clusters are found at the tips of the many branches. Narrow Leaves from stems about a foot long arise in tufts from shallow horizontal rootstocks. Northern Bed Straw is edible, with a sweet smell and taste and can be eaten as a wild salad. Other variables are not edible as small hooks on stem are not palatble.

Canada Anemone (Anemone Canadensis) is very common throughout all of Eastern North America. Canada Anemone has showy white flowers and can grow to about two feet in height. It prefers moist environments in the prairie and calcareous or alluvial soils. It also grows along railroads and in moist roadside ditches.

Prefers open fields and woodland edges. Grows from 8 inches to 2 1/2 feet in height. Large flower heads when compared to others in the Liatris genus. Rose-purple blooms from July to September.

Prairie violet is perennial from a short underground stem above stringy roots. Plants are usually about five or six inches tall. The long-stalked leaves are divided into narrow segments. Early in the season each plant bears several blue to dark purple flowers up to an inch wide. These flowers often do not produce seed. Later, seed may be produced from small petalless flowers that are self-pollinating and form underground. The seed capsules at maturity may eject the seeds with some force…

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