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Green (Guinea) Turaco, South Africa by Ian Wilson Click here to download Blue Bird Click here to download bird Click here to download fairy wren Click here to download Starling. Click here to download

Erythristic badgers are very rare, and have a very slight genetic difference from 'normal' badgers. Their hair colour is ,most often slightly red/ginger, though there are variations.

The Norfolk Kaka, (Nestor productus) is an extinct species[1][2] of large parrot, belonging to the parrot superfamily Strigopoidea. John Keulemans illustration of a bird from Norfolk Island, and the head of a Phillip Island specimen

Birds of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands

The Malagasy region contains one of the most extraordinary concentrations of biodiversity in the world. Its recognition as a zoogeographic region in its own right has recently been confirmed and, all taxa combined, the region was found to hold the second most distinct assemblage of vertebrates in the world after the Australian region, despite being the smallest of them all.This new field guide in the Helm Field Guides series covers the whole of the Malagasy region, which comprises the…