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Understanding Dog Counterconditioning

What does it mean for a dog to be over or under threshold? What exactly are threshold levels in dogs? This guide should give you a hint and helpful advice on how to create the fertile grounds for a good desensitization and counter-conditioning program.

Understanding Dog Play Behaviors (Part Two)

In understanding dog play behavior part one, we saw how dogs communicate playful intentions. In this article, we're looking at different styles of play among dogs and troublesome forms of play.

Understanding Dog Play Behaviors (Part One)

Why do dogs play and what's its function. Learn what dogs do to ensure play remains play and styles of play in this part one and part two sequence. Role reversals, cut-off signals, meta-signals and self-handicapping is discussed.

Watchdog vs Guard Dog: Understanding the Differences

How Dogs Understand What We Say

Using the "Jolly Routine" for Fearful Dogs

If you own a fearful dog, you may be looking for strategies to help him out. The Jolly Routine may turn out helpful in many circumstances.