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White Oak Bark has strong astringent and antiseptic properties making it good for inflammation, swelling, and bleeding such as bleeding gums, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and kidney and bladder problems that involve bleeding. It helps to dissolve and pass kidney and gall stones and will help to bring diarrhea under control. - See more at:

Common Mullein - Weekly Weeder #13

Common Mullein - Weekly Weeder #13 - Verbascum thapsus, range and identification, Food and Habitat for Wildlife, Medicinal Uses of Common Mullein

Scullcap, according to medical herbalist, David Hoffman, “… is perhaps the most relevant nervine available to us in the Western materia medica.” It soothes nervous tension while strengthening the central nervous system and has a long history of use for petit mal seizures, sleepwalking, night terrors and insomnia. It is also useful for nervous irritability, tension headaches, relieves PMS tension, and lessens the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal.

Meadowsweet Herb Uses, Side Effects and Health Benefits

Side Effects and Health Benefits of the Herb Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) and Its Uses as a Remedy for Diarrhea, Heartburn and Other Ailments

The Benefits of Swedish Massage

Marjoram, or sweet marjoram as it is usually called, is a close relative of oregano, but with a milder, sweeter flavor. It is antiseptic against bacteria and other infectuous agents, antispasmodic, arterial vasodilator, a digestive aid, an expectorant, and has sedative properties. There’s a lot of like here and a good reason to grow this perennial plant in your garden. - See more at:

An excellent post about an excellent botanical ~ from A Radicle: Hawthorn - Legends, Pharmacology, Recipes