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anomalie di marte

Ziggy jammed good with Weird And Gilly. Now it's our turn to jam good--in saving the galaxy. Our motto is, "we're immune to your consultations!" down at the Mars University. We hope you enjoy life on mars!

Those cracks in Mars... Is it from water breaking down the surface? Or roads or something of that sort?

Mars [[[ NASA... congrats and NEVER GIVE UP, goddamnit! It is human to travel, to wander, but it is divine to go FARTHER! ...]]]

Sunrise on Mars, over Olympus Mons, an extinct volcano three times higher than Mount Everest. (NASA)

A primitive ocean on Mars held more water than Earth’s Arctic Ocean, and covered a greater portion of the planet’s surface than the Atlantic Ocean does on Earth, according to new results published today.

Sunset on Mars, as seen by the Opportunity rover! More info: Credit: NASA / JPL / Cornell / color mosaic © Don Davis