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Infographic: Safety at Sea | World Maritime News

40 more maps that explain the world

"It's no secret that China claims islands and maritime territory in the South China Sea that other countries see as theirs. But this map shows just how assertive China's claim is – Beijing claims everything in red, a giant scoop of an area way, way beyond Chinese soil. China's neighbors are very, very conscious of feeling a bit bullied, and this map shows why."

SS Cotopaxi - This ship was last seen in 1925, and has mysteriously reappeared after disappearing 90 years ago, in the Bermuda Triangle! She remains intact, and afloat, and has NEVER been seen by any aircraft, or sea~going ships, in 9 decades..nor has she ever run aground! Where has she been..and what happened to her crew? No skeletal remains have been found aboard ship!

Italian Battleship, Littorio - one of Italy's most modern WW2 battleships, heavily damaged at Taranto by Fleet Air Arm attack in 1940.