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Training your horse to NOT pee in his stall. Instead learning commands to go when asked.

Kalypso Grand Ages Rome (download versie) (KALY101AE) NOTICE: Activation key must be used on a valid Steam account requires internet connection. ABOUT THE GAME GRAND AGES ROME is the long awaited sequel to the best-selling strategy game 'Imperium Romanum'. You are a Governor of a Roman Province in the time-honoured Roman Empire its fortune very much lies in your hands. Choose one of five Roman noble families such as Caesar's Julii with different abilities to accomplish the comprehensive…

Bee house (Build them & They will come!) So simple, so easy, we all should make these and put them up all over....before it is to late)

After being released from Allied detention, German POW Heinz Pelschner reunited with his wife, June 1945. Check out the wood shoes along the wall.

Growing fall vegetables in colder climates can be a gamble, but these crops mature quickly so you can grow more food in your fall garden.

Check out Important Farm Dog Commands Every Homesteader Should Know at http://pioneersettler.com/important-farm-dog-commands/

New Holland T7.270 Golden jubilee model calibrating 50 years of Basildon built tractor production. Midnight blue and gold.

Important Farm Dog Commands Every Homesteader Should Know | Try Many Types Of Farming For You And Your Homestead

Standard Media: Want to reap more from your fledgling fish pond? Try fingerlings farming. “Thou shall not overstock your fish pond” is a popular aquaculture command that if broken leads to poor quality produce, or so the decree goes. Standard Media, Kenya #FarmAfrica #Kenya #farming

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