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7 Things You Should Know Before You Get Acrylic Nails & Great Nail Ideas

7. They’re Gorgeous via Not everything about acrylic nails is bad. So many people ignore the disadvantages of fake nails and get them anyway because they are absolutely beautiful. Maybe the gorgeousness of acrylic nails is worth the pain and money for you. If so, acrylics are definitely something to consider. Acrylic nails have advantages, and they …

65 lovely Pink Nail Art Ideas

Color always plays an important role in nail art designs. When you have a nail art ideas, the color is one of considerations in your design as it could express one’s mood and personality. Pink, a combination of red and white, is a very popular theme of color in nail art design. Pink, a classic … Continue reading "65 lovely Pink Nail Art Ideas"

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Aloha Nail Art Stencils - incredible nail art vinyls by Unail

Nail Stencils design "Aloha"#nailart for more findings pls visit

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