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All the best hair intentions never stand a chance against the long, humid days that are nearly upon us. Instead of splurging on goops and waxes and spending hours with your straightener, try switching things up with a fun braid. (And no, we'd never judge you if you actually spent that time just taking this story straight to the salon and letting someone else do it for you.)

The Outsider (or The Stranger) by Albert Camus (1942) | A great introduction to existentialist thought. It had a profound effect on me. A simple plot that poses many questions... Meursault will not lie. When his mother dies, he refuses to show his emotions simply to satisfy the expectations of others. After committing a random act of violence he finds himself in court. But is he on trial for the violence or his refusal to mourn? Essential.

Harry: nearly kills malfoy *gets detention* Harry: continuously yells at a teacher *gets offered a biscuit*

how do u ever get into something where ur constantly learning new characters and can't get attached to any one. Sounds like a chore

Georges Liautaud, featured in the Outsider Art Sourcebook. http://rawvision.com/books/outsider-art-sourcebook-preview

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