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Stana & Nathan (Castle)

Nathan Fillion FTW!

Be yourse-... no, be Batm-... well, just be Nathan. Art Print

Best in the 'verse. #TheFillion. (Always be yourself. Or, better, be Batman. Unless you can be Nathan Fillion, then always be Nathan Fillion. by Monsieurgordon)

Please reblog the original one, not the one that got reposted by theeternalinferno or bones-love-castle. :(

Liv Wilder on

:-) Love Nathan Fillion


firefly - I just wanted them together!!!!!!! More

Alexis: How's it going with Dectective Beckett? You are basing a character off her. You always say, you have to love your characters. Castle: Well, she is a character. But just research. Nothing more. Martha: You have written 22 novels before you met her, and you didn't need to spend every day in a police station in order to finish them. Castle: It's not about the books anymore. Castle TV show quotes

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic I wish they were a couple in real life