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How To Make Your Own Kombucha

Not only does Kombucha offer a myriad of health benefits, but this probiotic-rich drink is delicious and yes, easy to make yourself. (If you are a newbie to this topic, hop over to my blog about the whats, hows, and whys of kombucha, SCOBYs, and your health.) NOW, if all the talk of SCOBYs didn’t scare you away, you may want to brew your own. But, how? It really is a lot easier than you think. I took a class at Whole Foods Market in Minneapolis, Minnesota from Bryan Deane Bertsch, owner of…

Cranberry Bourbon Cocktail

This cranberry bourbon cocktail is a delicious addition to any happy hour or home entertaining. Get the recipe here.

Skynyrd Goes 'Searching' For Fame On The Winterland Stage, And MAN They Found It!

The Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii), a species of bird found exclusively in the tropical and sub-tropical islands of the Pacific Ocean. The blue feet are a sexually selected trait, and both males and females are keener on partners with brighter feet. The males perform a "dancing" ritual, first lifting one foot and then another, in order to attract a mate.