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Great Expectations. I love this idea for other books! Jane Austen all the way up to modern classics. Endless ways to make beloved stories come to life!

'Faulty Feline IV' by @jasonlimon. Find out more about Jason and see more of his wonderful art at (narrative, creatures, character design, mystery, skull, skeleton, cat, surreal, pop surrealism)

crazy makeup but this girl can still make it look really pretty! i would just look like a clown!!

I tied yarn to the ornaments and taped them under the handle. This way if my kiddies pull them down, there won't be any damage to the banister and my little ones won't get hurt by sharp tacs.

Nature has so many great sensory experiences and Fall is the perfect time of year to explore them. The leaves change colors and drop from the trees along with pinecones and other fun objects. Take advantage of the season while it’s still here! Yesterday we explored nature with Mud Dough, today we are continuing to explore nature …