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Decorating with Complementary Colors

Color wheel: •Primary colors- red, blue, yellow •Complementary colors- directly across •Warm colors- red, orange, yellow •Cool colors- green, blue, purple •Analogous colors- 3 touching hues •Triadic colors- 3 evenly spaced •Split-Complementary colors- a skinny Y shape

For inspiration, art and design. Color match was made by nature. All color scheme are made by those, who love colors. You can use those pallets in wedding inspiration, wedding decor and in any design needs. More color pallets on

Rose Quartz and Lilac Grey, the Colours Pintrest is Going Crazy For

Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus

i have this weird idea that a character could have like hair that changes colour dependent on the mood. maybe like this colour scheme idk. /the dank meme babblings/