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Flüchtlingsstrom nach Deutschland: Bundesregierung führt vorübergehende Grenzkontrollen ein

Als Reaktion auf die Flüchtlingskrise führt die Bundesregierung vorübergehend Grenzkontrollen ein. Es ist ein klares Signal an die Flüchtlinge - und in Richtung Europa.

Viewpoint: Munich migrant welcome shames Europe

First Person Refugee: Pregnant Aysha Left Syria For Germany

What drives a woman to leave her home and country in the dead of night and become a refugee? Corinne Redfern travelled from Greece to Germany with pregnant Aysha and her two young children to find out why she left Syria – and what the future holds for her

German Jews 'no longer safe' due to anti-Semitism and 'deteriorating security' and Germany welcoming of refugees brought up in cultures "steeped in hatred" for Jews were resulting in anti-Semitism. A woman wears a kippah, the traditional Jewish headdress, as she takes part in a demonstration in Berlin (Picture: [copyright])

Protesters in Germany attack refugee buses shouting 'foreigners out'

Demonstrators carry the flag of the German empire that was used until the md 1930 (DPA)

'Everyone wants to leave': death of hope drives young Syrians to Europe

Refugee crisis: Germany creaks under strain of open door policy

Refugees sit on the grass in front of a refugee shelter in Hamburg

How Germany turned its back on refugees

Migrant crisis: Austria 'to end emergency migrant measures'

‘Merkel Out!’: German Far-right Vents Fury After Cologne Attacks Banners and signs bearing slogans like "Rapefugees not welcome."