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THE GROTTO. BART HESS. The vein-like latex skins were created by stretching sheets of pink latex onto 6 meter long wooden frames to double its size. After a thick layer of liquid latex was applied on top, Hess shaped a line pattern by simply using his fingers to leave gaps in the mass of material.Once the lines of liquid latex had fully dried the latex sheet was released of the tension, causing the sheet to rapidly shift back to its original dimensions. 5th november

Both forearms done by @lewisink !!! #sacredgeometry #geometrictattoo #geometrychaos #geometricpattern #dotwork #dots #blacklines #blackwork

I like this as an example of how I want the thickly outlined and dot-shaded New Zealand with a cool pattern behind - but I'd want the cool pattern more shapely than this

Blackwork by Guy Le Tattooer

A tattooer named Guy - His large portfolio includes tattoos with symbolism and a strong spiritual connection, an example is the line patterns based on traditional Indian art, Mehndi.

CALABASH STAMPS: The inside of a dry, thick-skinned calabash is covered with shea butter for a year to slightly soften it. Then the craftsman cuts off a piece with a knife, draws the pattern onto the outer skin with a pencil, then carves away the negative space with a gouge. Paul Nyamaah Boakye carves more than 70 different symbols, each of which represents a proverb, belief, or philosophy.

Blackwork Tattoos Elevated by Colorful Crossovers and Ornate Geometry

Australian artist Jaya Suartika designs tattoos that will completely change how you view the subject of geometry. Using thick, black lines and occasional pops of color, Suartika concentrates on shapes and patterns that elevate his work. Since the Balinese culture is an important part of his background, the artist's original style has been greatly influenced by this society. "A lot of my childhood surroundings were spent in Bali, where there is art everywhere you look," Suartika tells This…