Explore Arabian Camel, Dromedary and more!

perfume bottles..."I already have an elephant bottle. I would love to have a camel bottle, too."-Katrina Westall

Elephants and giraffe walking along the African savanna. Painted red orange sunset on a 12x4 canvas.

"Bohemian fashion editorial." I love the colors and textures but OMG this pose is so silly looking. She would've looked gorgeous just standing there in those clothes. Oh, fashion editorials. Sometimes you try too hard.

Llamas, goats, zebras, pygmy goats, alpacas, camels, parrots and ponies can all be seen at the event.

Global Gallery 'African Elephants, Okavango, Botswana' by Frank Krahmer Photographic Print on Wrapped Canvas in Black and White Size:

GIVE THEM SANCTUARY : Remember, elephants are not performers, they are endangered, wild animals. They were forced to preform for us. After Ringling Brothers ended the elephant show, The Washington Post took an exclusive tour to see how these poor creatures were adjusting ….Circus suffering still exists in their retirement. Please help…...

Benjamin Kyalo with one of 'his' orphaned elephants who he has cared for and helped to raise so they can return to the wild

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