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I Find It Really Beautiful When Someone Prays (Live Life Happy)

I Find It Really Beautiful When Someone Prays

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So many assume they know what you're thinking, how you're feeling, your opinions on things. Your true feelings could be the total opposite of those they are projecting on you. And they'll never know. | exactly!! That's what it's like to be an INFJ

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Love this it's so true

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weekend plans, yes please

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So that latest relapse, I was shallow as well, cheating on the man I was with. Things got real too fast, I knew he would mess up somehow, I prepared to by keeping multiple guys on the side hoping I wouldn't feel it but it still hurt to hear I'm ugly.

kushandwizdom ♡ (The Good Vibe)

This sounds like someone Im close to, nothing worse than being blamed for something that never happend or was made up in thier mind. It makes me sad that they are so insecure, the only way to feel better is to try and make someone else look bad sad sad..