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This is the new football training facility that is being built. It looks like it's going to be very cool but did they need a new training facility? Where is the old one at? What was wrong with it?

This is the NEW Commonwealth Stadium. They redid the stadium for the football season this year and it looks so good. Im really hoping that this will be our year for football. I heard they invested all that money in the stadium to get people to come to games even though our team isn't the best. Is that true? Did they spend all that money just to gain more fans?

This is local taco. It is very popular around here and I can see why, it is so good. Is it only in Lexington? Who made it? How did it start out?

This is Johnson hall, formerly known as central 1. It is on central campus as you can assume. It's a newer dorm and very nice. Why did they not change the name of central 2 to Johnson? That's dumb because now there is Johnson and central 2.

This is the soccer stadium, I've never been here but I've been meaning to go see a game. How come the soccer team isn't getting all these upgrades the football team is? Why are the smaller sports overlooked?

This is the new Academic Science building that is being built. It will be done next fall. Is this taking place of the chem/phys building? How much did this cost?

This is the statue of Bowman the Wildcat. I pass it every day on my way to class. Every time I pass the statue I wonder where its name came from. There is also a new food place near it called bowman den. Is the statue named after someone? Did that person donate the money for the statue?

What To Do With Your Course Syllabus ASAP

Every college student loves syllabus week. The week that students get a piece of paper that they will never look at again. The week that students listen to the teacher drag on and on about how important it is to keep that little piece of paper.

¿Qué es #Klout?. Medición del grado de influencia de una persona o una marca en las Redes Sociales.