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" Rise From The Ashes..Be A Phoenix" - One of my self created quote, which has always motivated me and has strengthened me to never give up. I have always believed that a true character of an individual is reflected when he or she has the courage to rise after the fall. There would be situations where I might fall back, but be rest assured just like phoenix I would rise again from the ashes to achieve the goal with higher zeal and passion. #MKM915 #PersonalBrand #Phoenix #NeverGiveUp

What paragraph will you write today to the story you will tell tomorrow? You choose. You create and recreate each moment of the day. SPH

One of my biggest pet peeves!! I talk when I have something to say. I don't talk just to hear my voice. I'm okay with "awkward silence".

:)))))) be proud of who you are. just because someone says to you you cant be this or you cant do that, that should be your motivation to do that. unless they're a parent or guardian... :)

Don’t be so damn hard on yourself. Yeah, you screwed up. You’re not perfect, fine. Learn from it. But don’t punish yourself. Be kind to you, even when you screw up. You’ll bounce back eventually. You’

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